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Lyrics 'n Quotes

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All Members , Moderated
this is a community where anyone (who is a member) can post lyrics or quotes.
the rules are as follows:
you must give props for the lyrics you post, or if you don't in the original post and someone comments and asks you what the lyrics are from then you must.
if the lyrics are your own, say so! let people know how talented you are.
any kind of lyric goes, but if it's offensive, a <lj-cut> would be appreciated
the same goes for quotes on a little bit of a broader scope though.
you can quote anyone or anything.
it's preferred if you state your source, but not necessary unless asked.
if your posting a quote from something you heard during the day and you think it's funny, give a little story behind it if necessary (you don't want to sound stupid do you? :P )
once again if it's offensive, an <lj-cut> would be appreciated